The Legacy of Florence Nightingale Lives on at Albeniz Care

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2020 was the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, but not a lot of people know her contribution to the nursing community. Also known by the name “The Lady With the Lamp,” Florence Nightingale was a British nurse and social reformer. Despite the many decades that have passed since she was a practicing nurse, her legacy and her approaches continue to be relevant even today. Maybe especially more so because of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. This just goes to show how significant the contribution of nurses and medical frontlines are to the community.

The Florence Nightingale Approach

Nightingale understood that a lot of people died more from infection than from actual trauma. During the Crimean War, she witnessed this in the soldiers she cared for. As such, she put in place methods that would reduce the chances of infection. These methods included the constant emptying of chamber pots, serving nutritious food, and constantly bathing the patience in order to keep them clean. She also made sure that there was regular housekeeping and laundry services so that the spread of any diseases would be reduced. More importantly, Nightingale believed in a patient-centered approach. She believed in listening to her patients and responding to their individual needs.

Following in her Footsteps

Albeniz Care Therapies LLC also believes in the importance of patient-centered care as well as infection prevention. Home Health Care Agency located in Frederick, Maryland is following in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale by providing their patients with the best care possible, all at the safety and security of their own homes. The veteran nurses at Albeniz Care Therapies, LLC know how to listen to their patients and to understand their needs, so they can provide the proper care that is needed. Moreover, they have the knowledge and skills to keep their patients safe from any infections and do the necessary steps to keep everything clean, disinfected, and comfortable for their patients.

Albeniz Care Therapies, LLC understands the importance of Nightingale’s contributions to the nursing communities and uses the same approaches to meet patients’ needs. If you want to learn more about our veteran care services, contact us or get in touch with us at +1 301-970-3313.

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