Restore mobility and strength through our expert interventions.

After sustaining an injury, engaging in physical therapy can play a crucial role in your healing process. For seniors, physical therapy becomes an essential step toward sustaining a robust and active lifestyle. Many medical conditions impacting muscles and joints also necessitate its use.

For those in search of premier physical therapy services in Frederick, Maryland, Albeniz Care Therapies offers tailored solutions. Our team comprises only the most qualified professionals, ensuring you receive top-tier care and a path to swift recovery.

Do You Require Physical Therapy?

We extend in-home physical therapy tailored to a broad spectrum of medical conditions and injuries, encompassing:

  • Injuries from sports activities
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Injuries incurred in the workplace
  • Rehabilitation post-surgery
  • Challenges with balance
  • Neurological conditions

If necessary, we can also offer advanced treatments such as neuromuscular reeducation, ultrasound iontophoresis, and more.

Therapy Customized to Your Needs

Recognizing the importance of your time, we offer flexibility to cater to your busy schedule. Our in-home physical therapy ensures you don’t miss out on vital treatments due to time constraints. By aligning with your timetable, we prioritize your convenience and well-being.

No matter your age or physical state, our commitment to your health remains unwavering. Be it in-home physical therapy for the elderly or bustling professionals, our services are crafted to harmonize with your daily routine, encapsulating our dedication and professionalism.

Locating In-Home Physical Therapy Services

Situated in Frederick, Maryland, Albeniz Care Therapies brings top-notch in-home physical therapy to all neighboring counties.

We make house calls aligned with your convenience.

Availing our services is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply give us a ring or fill out our online form. Our team of seasoned professionals awaits, ready to cater to your in-home care needs.