Navigate daily errands safely with our reliable transportation services.

Albeniz Care Therapies, located in Frederick, Maryland, recognizes that as our loved ones age, driving may no longer be feasible. However, this shouldn’t confine them indoors. Within our diverse range of care services, we proudly offer extensive senior transportation solutions. One of our thoroughly vetted and trained caregivers will escort your elderly family member to and from:

  • Medical and therapeutic sessions.
  • Hospitals or outpatient centers.
  • Collections of prescriptions, grocery shopping, and other essential tasks.
  • Get-togethers with family and friends.
  • Social gatherings and religious events.

Our dedicated caregivers at Albeniz Care Therapies are not only bonded and insured but are also extensively trained to prioritize your loved one’s safety and comfort. They will assist with boarding and alighting from the vehicle and remain present throughout the journey. After the trip, they’ll ensure your family member is settled comfortably back home. Transportation Options in Frederick, MD, and Baltimore, MD:

  • Ambulatory Transportation:

    For seniors who might have mobility issues but only need minimal aid like a cane or walker, we transport them using standard vehicles.

  • Wheelchair Transportation:

    For those reliant on wheelchairs, we offer transport via our specialized ‘ambulette’ vehicles. These vans, equipped with hydraulic lifts, facilitate easy wheelchair boarding. Inside, they feature a well-engineered strap and lock system to secure the wheelchair during the journey, while also offering additional seating for other passengers.

  • Stretcher Transportation:

    For patients requiring stretchers, we deploy vehicles tailored for this purpose and include an additional staff member to ensure a smooth transportation experience.

Contact Albeniz Care Therapies in Frederick, Maryland today at (240) 205-7979 or drop us an email at Discover more about our senior transportation offerings, arrange a schedule, or book a trip.