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In today’s world, it’s common to find many individuals owning pets. For the elderly, having a pet offers numerous benefits, making it a commendable choice. However, as age advances, managing the responsibilities of pet care can become challenging. Nonetheless, older adults often wish to retain the loving company of their pets, and rightly so. At Albeniz Care Therapies in Frederick, Maryland, we extend our support to seniors with pets, ensuring their furry companions receive the best care. We proudly serve the regions of Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington.

Pets shower us with unwavering affection, and it’s only fair that we reciprocate, especially when age or circumstances might limit our capabilities. So, if an elderly individual in your family has a pet in need of additional care, Albeniz Care Therapies has the perfect solution.

Albeniz Care Therapies Pet Services

Our suite of services has been sculpted in response to frequent requests from our clients. The essence is clear: they want their pets well looked after. Some require temporary care during their absence, maybe due to a business excursion or a short vacation, while others seek more consistent, daily attention for their pets. Catering to both scenarios, we offer:

  • Pet Sitting:

    This entails assigning a dedicated pet caregiver who visits your residence to attend to your pet’s needs, including feeding, walking, playing, and providing affectionate company. The flexibility of this service allows you to engage our caregivers for varying durations—be it an hour, a day, or specific days in a week, and they are available both day and night.

  • Live-In-Care:

    Here, a caregiver resides at your place, living alongside the pet owner. This arrangement is often preferred when the owner’s health or mobility issues necessitate constant assistance.

  • Comprehensive Care:

    Encompassing a broader range of services, caregivers under this category undertake complete pet care responsibilities—from bathing and grooming to nail trimming and facilitating vet visits

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