Stay on track with our diligent medication reminders.

If you’re already aware of medication management, you know it’s about personalizing your medications and getting timely reminders to safeguard both your mental and physical health. For residents in Frederick, Maryland, and neighboring areas like Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington, local resources, including home health care agencies such as Albeniz Care Therapies, are available to ensure you get optimal results from your medications.

Your medication reminder team at Albeniz Care Therapies covers these essential roles:

  • Evaluating Needs
  • Providing Information
  • Drafting a Care Plan
  • Regularly Monitoring
  • Facilitating Communication

By opting for medication management, you can avail:

  • Assistance to ensure timely and correct dosages of your medicines.
  • Guidance in organizing your pillbox with the right medications in the appropriate quantities.
  • Daily updates on the medications you’ve taken.
  • Setting up medication alerts to prevent missing any doses.

Beyond just being a dependable source for medication tracking and information, the agency also offers added caregiving services such as housekeeping, meal prep, and other everyday tasks. However, tasks like injections, force-feeding, or administering medication via IV, which require a certified nurse, are beyond the scope of your medication reminder’s responsibilities.

Your medication guide will ensure you comprehend the combined effects of your prescriptions and any other treatments you might be receiving. They will emphasize the importance of following medication instructions and clarify them to make certain you understand the best times and methods for taking them. This approach helps in minimizing potential medication misuse and harmful side effects.

For anyone in Frederick, Maryland, who believes they or a family member could benefit from comprehensive medication management, Albeniz Care Therapies is ready to assist and ensure your medication regimen is effective. Reach out to us for more details.