Navigate dementia's challenges with our specialized care approach.

Cognitive decline and dementia often accompany the aging process for many individuals. When family members require care for Alzheimer’s or related disorders, it’s essential to seek reputable local support. Albeniz Care Therapies, based in Frederick, Maryland, boasts an adept team ready to extend dementia care to residents of Frederick and the neighboring areas of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington.

As dementia progresses through its stages, specialized care becomes indispensable. The intervention of a compassionate and skilled professional can be transformative. You and your family members merit the consistent backing of a dependable caregiver.

The Comfort of Home for Dementia Patients

A familiar home setting is the optimal environment for dementia patients. Such a surrounding offers comfort, and with the aid of caregivers, it can be adapted for maximum safety. Some services provided by Albeniz Care Therapies include:

  • Facilitating social interactions and cognitive engagements.
  • Providing emotional assurance.
  • Meal preparation and overseeing medication schedules.
  • Minimizing episodes of bewilderment and distress stemming from cognitive and behavioral shifts.
  • Implementing modifications for home safety.
  • Vigilant supervision to deter wandering tendencies.
  • Engaging in simple brain-stimulating exercises.
  • Therapeutic and soothing activities.
  • Assisting with meal consumption as required.

Why Engaging a Caregiver Makes a Difference

The repercussions of memory loss can be challenging for families to tackle independently. A seasoned caregiver’s presence can simplify this journey. Their support ensures that your family member can stay comfortably at home for an extended period. At Albeniz Care Therapies, we recognize the challenges this phase presents, and our mission is to cultivate serene and positive moments with your family members. Furthermore, our caregivers maintain a consistent log of cognitive changes, ensuring healthcare professionals receive precise updates.

Connect with a Caregiver in Frederick, Maryland

For unparalleled home care services tailored for your family member, reach out to Albeniz Care Therapies. For more insights, feel free to contact us.