Foster connections and warmth with our companion care services.

Seniors and individuals with disabilities often grapple with feelings of isolation, which can intensify stress or lead to depression. Companion care offers solace and security right in the comfort of one’s home. At Albeniz Care Therapies, we recognize the vital role of ensuring you or your family member feels cherished and safeguarded.

The Essence of Home Companion Care

Companion services cater to diverse settings, be it homes, medical facilities, or hospitals. This ensures that irrespective of your or your loved one’s current location, they benefit from the presence of a considerate, proficient caregiver. Companions are adept at performing minor tasks, giving primary caregivers respite, and vigilantly noting any health shifts. Their prime focus remains to ensure your loved one’s constant ease and comfort.

Our dedicated team members are poised to offer emotional support, elevate the quality of life, and provide the cherished company that might be absent. Distinguished from conventional caregiving, companion care zeroes in on fostering uplifting social interactions, which can substantially mitigate the onset of depression, anxiety, or stress-induced symptoms.

Our Array of Home Companion Services

For a detailed understanding of how our offerings can be tailored to your family’s unique needs, feel free to connect with our office. Here’s an overview of our most in-demand companion care services:

  • Assisting with medication reminders.
  • Offering varied mobility support tailored to individual needs.
  • Undertaking essential household chores like laundry, trash disposal, bed-making, and cleaning.
  • Meal planning and serving.
  • Grocery shopping and prescription collection.
  • Facilitating transportation for both medical and non-medical appointments.

Get in Touch

At Albeniz Care Therapies, we’re proud of our skilled team dedicated to premier companion care across Frederick, Maryland, and neighboring regions like Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington. For a deeper dive into our offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us.