7 Health Benefits of Pet Therapy Visits for Seniors

Old woman playing with the dog

Elderly and disabled individuals can experience significant positive changes from having a pet capable of providing support. Many care facilities and in-home care agencies have started providing various forms of pet therapy
. In addition, adopting or fostering an animal can be rewarding in many ways, and research has proven that people who regularly interact with pets or animals experience the following benefits.

1. Lessening the Impact of Isolation: isolation can lead to loneliness which is one of the highest risk factors for developing mental illness in elderly and disabled individuals. A pet can help provide companionship and lower feelings of isolation.
2. Decreasing Stress and Anxiety: multiple studies have proven that spending any time near animals can reduce stress and anxiety, providing relief from symptoms and encouraging calm.
3. Fitness Motivation: animals provide an opportunity to increase levels of physical activity. You can work with a physical therapist to determine the best type of physical care routine to use with your pet.
4. Providing Social Interaction: being isolated due to the pandemic or other barriers can be difficult. Pet therapy can bridge the gap and give a sense of community and social support.
5.Better Heart Health: by lowering stress and increasing activity levels, you will be decreasing the risk of heart disease and 6 .other cardiovascular disorders.
Decreasing Symptoms of Depression: animal therapy can be used to treat depression and other mood disorders.
7. Motivating routine: having a routine can improve overall health and fitness. A pet requires social interaction and care that creates the need for routine.

Estate Planning and Continuing Care Coordination

Elderly individuals with a pet should consider estate planning to ensure the continuing care of their animals. A few things to consider when creating an estate plan includes.

Listing a trusted caregiver
Estimating lifetime cost including vet visits and necessary items
Listing any necessary information like vet identity and medications

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